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Niagahoster Referral Page

Job description

What is Niagahoster Referral Program?

It is a program that encourages people to recommend someone (friends, colleagues, or family) to work at Niagahoster. As a mutual benefit, the referrer will receive an appealing award. It is now easier for you to recommend someone to work at Niagahoster. You do not have to submit their CV, you can simply share your referral's linkedin profile and their contact info, and let us handle the rest!

Job requirements

How to Refer people to work at Niagahoster?

  1. Carefully check the available positions at here and requirement details
  2. Make sure that the candidate you refer have been informed, are interested and willing to apply to Niagahoster's vacancy.
  3. Make sure the candidates you recommend are strongly suitable for the positions
  4. Prepare the candidate's CV or their Linkedin profile links
  5. Click the 'Apply for this job' button
  6. Carefully fill the referral form, upload the CV or their Linkedin profile links and submit!

How to participate in this program?

  1. Hold an ID and/or NPWP
  2. Able to provide bank account
  3. Understand the terms and conditions**

Referral Rewards

  • Executive level: Rp1.000.000
  • Mid - Sr level: Rp750.000
  • Entry-level: Rp300.000
  • Customer Success Specialists (Global/Local): Rp1.000.000